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Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a research-based practice and profession in which music is used to assist in improving general health, functioning and well-being. Music therapists incorporate a range of music making methods including listening to pre-recorded music, playing/learning an instrument, drumming, writing songs and improvising.

At Naremburn school, the music room is packed with instruments including a drum kit, a full-size keyboard, guitars, ukuleles, a bass guitar and a cello. Along with the instruments, technology is also used to make beats and to record songs. The aim of music therapy at Naremburn is to encourage the students to engage in music making to assist with self-expression and processing of life challenges. The side effects of music engagement are harmless, but they do include feeling settled, learning a musical instrument, and hearing their own feelings in a song. Some students benefit after they leave the music therapy room as they settle into schoolwork more easily.

We offer music therapy on Wednesdays and Thursdays during term time.