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Naremburn School Anti Bullying Plan

Anti-bullying plan

The whole school community has formulated this plan. Students, staff and interested parents have assisted in this plan. This will be evaluated and reviewed regularly as needed or at the very least, every 2 years.


Bullying, in all its various forms, is never acceptable in schools, homes and society. It will be taken seriously at Naremburn School and consequences will be enforced and support offered.

The focus of quality education is for students to learn and grow with confidence. Students develop best in an atmosphere of trust and respect and where teaching and learning occur in a context of student welfare.

Schools exist in a society where intimidation, harassment and victimisation occur. All people should treat all other people with respect. Families and schools are the front line in identifying and addressing bullying. All members of each family and all schools should model behaviour that is always free of bullying, harassment, intimidation and victimisation.

Students have the right to expect that they will spend the school day free from the fear of bullying, harassment, intimidation and victimisation

Bullying behaviour

  • Devalues, isolates and frightens.
  • Affects an individual's ability to achieve.
  • Has long term effects on those engaging in bullying behaviour, those who are the subjects of bullying behaviour and the onlookers or bystanders.
  • Is defined as intentional, repeated behaviour by an individual or group of individuals that causes distress, hurt or undue pressure.
  • Can be in forms of verbal, social, physical, psychological or cyber.
  • Verbal bullying can be swearing, teasing, insults, threats, abuse, sarcasm, putdowns, name calling
  • Social bullying can be ignoring, excluding, ostracising, alienating, making inappropriate gestures, telling lies or exaggerating for the purpose of putting someone else down, telling other people's secrets, trying to elevate oneself to the cost of someone else, trying to make someone do what you want them to do and that something isn't a good choice.
  • Physical bullying can be fighting in any form, any act of aggression such as punching, kicking, hitting, spitting, scratching, tripping.
  • Psychological bullying can be anything that results in someone feeling lesser of a person or getting their feelings hurt; spreading rumours, dirty looks, hiding or damaging possessions.
  • Cyber: anything using technology to inflict hurt or harm to anyone else.  This includes, but is not limited to: malicious SMS and Snapchat messages, inappropriate use of mobile phones, or school computers. 

For more information about our Anti-Bullying Plan for 2023:

 Anti-Bullying Plan 2023 (PDF 450.2KB)