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Work Experience

Workplace learning is considered an integral part of the students’ academic experience at Naremburn School designed to achieve curriculum outcomes within a practical setting.

The program is a great opportunity for our students to find out more about different industries and helps them to either confirm that their 'dream job' is exactly what they thought or, in some cases, had helped them to realise that it's really what they don't want! Either way it's a positive experience.

Students are offered work experience for a number of reasons.

  • To provide the opportunity to clarify career goals. It is still considered a valuable experience if, after a work placement, the student realises that he/she may need to reconsider his/her post-school options.
  • Provide the motivation to improve school performance and to achieve their job pathway or academic goals.
  • To further develop their communication and social skills.
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of a range of industry-specific requirements.
  • To enhance their employability.

Workplace learning also allows the students to practice behavioural gains they have made in school, in a work environment.

Skills gained during work experience placements assist the students to successfully reintegrate into a mainstream school setting with clearer job pathway goals, to transition into the workforce/an apprenticeship or further their education by attending more specific courses at TAFE (technical and further education).

Students must be 14 years of age or older and have undergone a work readiness program to assist in preparation for work placements. A white card qualification may also be a necessary requirement for some industries and this can be obtained at Naremburn School.

The work experience/work options program has an individualised approach involving communication between the job coach, teaching staff, student and parents/carers resulting in an understanding of each student's interests, abilities and job goals.

Placements are sought and matched to each student's situation to accommodate part-time jobs, TAFE courses, school-work and travel issues.

Placements may be sought by the job coach, or nominated by the student or parent/carer and the documentation and paperwork coordinated by the job coach. The principal must give final approval for each placement.

Many students are offered multiple placements during their enrolment at Naremburn School which may be at different locations within the same industry to provide a broader experience, or in a variety of different industries to assist with clarifying career goals.

Work placements may be for 1 or 2 week blocks or students may attend the placement 1 or 2 days per week over a longer period of time as negotiated with the employer.