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Extra-Curricular Activities

Hatching Project

We are currently participating in a twelve day chick and duckling hatching program at Naremburn. Students watch the chicks and ducklings grow from hatching out of their eggs and the first week or so of life, developing their nurturing skills. 

Garden project

Students are encouraged to participate in gardening and horticulture for their overall development and wellbeing through the outdoor activity.

The entry garden, which includes an irrigation system, mosaic bird bath, and extensive planting was created by the students in Term 1.

At present, students are engaged in making a vegetable garden with the produce used in food technology classes. 

Students are also in the process of designing a native and bush tucker garden.

Food technology and hospitality

Food technology provides an opportunity for students to develop life skills by becoming competent and confident in the kitchen.

Students expand their skills in the kitchen by following a variety of recipes. There is a focus on nutrient dense foods that make use of a range of ingredients, both familiar and unfamiliar. Students are encouraged to consider ways to alter the recipes to suit different dietary needs.

Visual arts

Visual arts syllabus incorporates exploration of historical and contemporary art. Students learn about the values, beliefs and the social structures of the art world. Students learn about the pleasure and enjoyment of making 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art works.

Surf school

In Term 1, students were enrolled at Manly Surf School which helped students develop skills and safe practices in surfing.

Students enjoyed the highly interactive and practical lessons which enabled them to build their confidence and awareness of the ocean environment.