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About our school

School philosophy

Naremburn School offers students the opportunity to address their behavioural needs whilst maintaining or improving their academic progress, thus giving them the best opportunity for a successful transition to an adult and independent life.

The educative model is the cornerstone of the Naremburn School program. The staff at Naremburn School view education as a right, but along with that right comes the responsibility to attend school regularly, behave in an appropriate manner and make choices that will reflect well on the school, family and community.

Naremburn School seeks to educate students in a calm, safe and supportive environment that values each student and their educational goals. It is a place where all students, staff and families should feel safe, supported, challenged, and nurtured.

Naremburn School encourages all people to act with patience, positive enthusiasm and integrity. We celebrate each person's differences and abilities.

Naremburn School works closely with many government and non-government agencies that support families who are having difficulties. An approach that sees the school, student, outside services and families working together to assist the student to become a responsible adult is the preferred mode of case management.

Strong families, caring schools, good friends and an adult community that values children are factors that make a difference to the resilience of young people.

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Our school adheres to a strict set of rules:

Be respectful:

  • help people
  • be polite
  • listen to others fairly
  • follow instructions
  • treat yourself and others like you would like to be treated
  • be fair.

Be responsible:

  • come to school
  • tell the truth
  • do your work
  • look after your own property
  • set good examples
  • take responsibility for your actions
  • always own up to your wrongdoings.

Be safe:

  • make good choices
  • ask people what to do when you don't know
  • do not do anything that can put yourself or others in danger
  • follow the school rules to ensure safety
  • follow staff directions.

All students and staff have a right to feel safe from violence and bullying on the way to and from school and whilst at school.

All students have the right to learn and the responsibility to do so without disruptions. Students are trusted to do the right thing. When that trust is breeched, consequences will follow.